Your ultimate retail store construction check-list

As the retail world is drastically changing in the recent years due to technological advancement, it is important for retailers to offer an extraordinary experience to their customers which they wouldn’t receive through any other channel. If you are looking for retail store construction services, remember that well-designed businesses attract more customers and help retailer stay in business for a longer period of time in the industry while making better profits.

What is the checklist that retailers have to follow to make customers’ visit more inviting than simply shopping online?

Rough Carpentry:

Rough frame is important component of any building. Ensure that your carpenters work on the rough framing and turn blueprints into the sturdy internal structure of the building. Also, make sure that your carpenters also measure and attach studs around the spaces for doors and windows and uses complicated geometry if the building includes arches or cathedral ceilings.

Finished Carpentry:

Paying attention to every detail is most important while setting up a new retail store or remodeling the existing one. If you are looking forward to add a sophisticated and homey touch to your retain store, giving suitable finish to wooden floor, paneling, custom molding, and custom retail fixture like store displays and cash wraps is a must. The finished carpentry reflects your business.

Doors and Frames:

Front door displays the first taste of your personal style as it makes an entrance to your customers – both literally and figuratively. In this advanced e-commerce world, it is important to turn regular bricks into more innovative store that allures people to visit your store. Colorful door and window displays form an important part of any retail store’s design strategy.

Acoustic ceiling:

Ceiling is one of the most prominent areas that can create positive impression among customers. Acoustical tiles are available in wide variety of designs and colors. As they are pre-finished, they are easy to maintain and can also be quickly installed. Acoustic ceiling will certainly give a competitive edge in creating that significant first impression.


The most powerful and emotional stimulus is often created by colors. Many a times, shoppers choose to buy a product over another based on color. For retail stores, painting the ceiling using darker hues makes the space more intimate. This creates an illusion that roof is closer to the ceiling. This works well in high cavernous spaces.

Flooring installation:

Decorative concrete floors can definitely attract a lot of attention and serve as calling cards for your business. Most importantly, retail flooring installation must be welcoming. There are plenty of choices in flooring. However, there is no one ideal flooring option available. Before making a final decision, always consider area of the country, type of retail store you own, and the weather conditions that support your flooring decision.

Besides the above mentioned, fixture installation and glazing is also very vital when you are considering retail store remodeling. If you are considering to construct a new retail store or remodel the existing one and looking for ideas, get in touch with A. F. Alber today. We specialize in all aspects of retail store remodeling and construction.