Why You Should Contact A.F. Alber Before Signing Your Commercial Lease

In the process of tenant fit-outs, it may seem that the best time to engage a contractor is when you’ve secured a location and are ready to move forward with the needed demolition and construction. At A.F. Alber, however, the earlier you engage us in the process the more value we can add to the project.
Here are just a few of the reasons to contact A.F. Alber before you sign a commercial lease:

  1. We can assist you in site selection. In our last article we discussed a few of the factors to keep in mind when scouting a retail location. A.F. Alber has the experience and expertise to assist you in the site selection process, adding insight into the pros and cons of different locations and guidance in your discussions with prospective landlords.
  2. We look at locations from the perspective of value engineering. Not only are we experienced in guiding tenants to consider critical factors like demographics, accessibility, the presence of competitors, and the makeup of surrounding businesses and facilities, but we specialize in taking a critical eye to locations and evaluating how much of what is currently there can be repurposed to support your vision and goals. Value engineering focuses on finding ways to provide the same level of functionality in the most cost-effective way, so approaching sight selection and lease negotiation with that in mind will help you navigate the process in a way that prioritizes value as well as quality.
  3. We help with lease negotiation. The first step to successful lease negotiation is understanding the different types of commercial leases that exist, and determining which type would be most advantageous for you. From understanding the difference between net leases, gross leases, and percentage leases to negotiating the terms that govern your responsibility for maintenance, the consequences of early termination, and what you are liable for when it comes to capital expenses, A.F. Alber has the experience needed to be an advocate and valuable resource in lease negotiation.

By establishing our relationship early on in the process, we are able to bring our almost 35 years of experience to bear on your behalf in the critical early stages of a project. When it is time to start the demolition and construction phase of your tenant fit-out, we’re able to do so as a continuation of the value-focused strategy we’ve employed in guiding you through site selection and lease negotiation.
Tenant fit-outs have a greater likelihood of successful completion when everything that leads up to the construction phase has been carried out in a way that supports your goals and your budget. Call A.F. Alber today—before you sign your lease—to start incorporating value into your tenant fit-out from the start.