The ultimate guide to commercial flooring installation

When customers enter a new place, the first thing they notice is the floor. The proverb, “First impression is the best impression” holds good here as first impressions are extremely important in any commercial setting. Hence, it is always important to ensure that your floors aren’t damaged or dirty.

Commercial flooring installation demands attention to detail because the non-slip, long-lasting, functional, and stain-resistant floor is sure attract public to walk on. As there will be plenty of people walking on them, as an owner of commercial building, we understand that you definitely cannot afford the time or money to change commercial flooring once in two years.

Flooring for a hallway with high traffic is different from flooring used in a showroom for a retail outlet. Therefore, the materials that you use have to be in sync with environment, traffic and use. Here are some of the flooring installation options that you can consider for your commercial entity.

  • Carpet: This is one of the viable options that are currently available with more styles and materials to choose from. Many colours and endless design options adds warmth and comfort to the room. In case of stain or dirt, it can easily be replaced with another carpet. Carpets can certainly create a unique floor for your organisation. However, installing carpet to a commercial building proves to be economically unfeasible. Another disadvantage with the carpet is that they tend to stain easily and need constant cleaning.
  • Wood: If you are ready to provide a little extra care for cleaning, then wood flooring would be the best option. Opt for denser wood for commercial spaces with high traffic areas for better durability. Note that humidity affects this flooring. Therefore, installing wood in bathrooms or kitchen is often not recommended.
  • Vinyl: This is the most affordable product that can mimic materials like wood, tile or even marble. Vinyl offers a wide range of design options for those who want to install commercial flooring. With vinyl, you can install any look you want without high maintenance. As this material offer durability, design choices, cost and easy care, this serves to be one of the excellent options for commercial property.

While installing the flooring it is important that you inspect the flooring installation work correctly without exposing your customers to unnecessary risks like tripping or scraping their feet. If you are looking for a company that you can trust to do the job correctly, look no further than A. F. Alber. We, at A. F. Alber, specialize in all aspects of retail store remodeling. We are committed to maintaining our quality for all our projects and ensure that you get the timely delivery of your project.