The Benefits of Recycling Fixtures in Tenant Fit-Outs

As a tenant, you have a lot to consider when fitting out your space. Transforming it from its previous state to the retail, office, or dining space you envision can be a lengthy and costly process, but it may not have to be as lengthy and costly as you think.

Partnering early on in the process with a construction company that is focused on giving you the most value in a cost-efficient way can yield multiple benefits as you plan and implement your tenant fit-out. This is called value engineering, an approach to construction that seeks to provide the same level of functionality in a more economical way. In value engineering, the design plans for the fit-out are translated into a plan that finds innovative ways to achieve the desired result without paying top dollar.

One of the main ways this is done is through the recycling of fixtures. In a tenant fit-out it’s often assumed that a complete demolition of the interior space is needed, tearing out what was there from the last tenant to provide a clean slate for the new one. However construction companies skilled in value engineering will first evaluate what’s there to see what can be safely and efficiently reused or re-purposed.

There are multiple benefits to recycling lighting, plumbing, electrical, and other fixtures when possible. Here are just a few of them:

1.       Reduced Project Cost. When fixtures are recycled, they save money on two counts. First, tenants are not paying to tear them out and have them hauled away; second, they are not paying to purchase brand new replacement fixtures.

2.       Reduced Project Timeline. Less demolition and greater use of existing fixtures means a quicker project turnaround time. And a quicker project turnaround time means even more savings, as the amount of time tenants are paying for labor decreases.

3.       Earlier Occupancy: With a reduced project timeline, there is a greater likelihood that tenants can occupy their new space earlier on. This reduces the risk of running over the projected time and putting tenants into a position where they’ve had to move out of their old space before their new one is ready. It also means that tenants get an earlier start in getting their new location up and running.

Environmental Responsibility. Recycling and reusing fixtures when possible means prolonging their life and getting the most use out of them. As there is increasing awareness of the need to be conscious of our environmental impact, choosing to recycle rather than discarding usable fixtures is a sound choice that benefits the environment as much as it does the tenant.

At A.F. Alber, we incorporate the principles of value engineering into our projects to give our clients the highest quality outcome at the greatest value. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your next tenant fit-out!