Is it the right time to remodel your retail store?

Most of the retail store owners would want to give their store a very fresh, trendy and easy-to-navigate appearance. Many mall owners decide to give a face-lift to their malls with an intention to improve employees’ work space, and also to entice customers to visit the store more regularly. However, the most frequently asked question is ‘when and how to remodel your retail store?’

Commercial retail stores are mostly remodeled between 7 and 10 years, after the store’s construction, equipment, fixtures and decor are worn out. Also, many times, retail store remodeling is welcomed, only when a competitor comes up with a fresh concept or a new rival enters a market for the first time with a bang. But, the good rule of thumb for retail store owners is to give a major face-lift between every five and seven years to keep the store brand new and distinctive.

If the retail store owners fail to renovate their store regularly, no matter how hard they try to do something different, the merchandising habits repeat over and over again. The fresh floor plan, new fixtures and different lighting, offered by the newly renovated store, force the employees to rethink the complete merchandising for the store. According to studies, remodeling certainly aids in increasing revenue by 5-10 per cent through its new appearance and word-of-mouth. Also, they provide tailored shopping climate to increase the store traffic.

How to remodel your store? Well, before you plan to remodel any project, bring the professional retail remodeling companies in the loop. They will help your vision come to reality. When remodeling your store, you need not shut the store. Because, shutting down the store stops the flow of revenue into the store. You can keep the store opened by remodeling it in phases, or at night after the store is closed. This provides an opportunity for the revenues to come in.

If you have any questions about when and how to efficiently remodel your store, get in touch with us today. We, at A. F. Alber, specialize in all aspects of retail store remodeling. We are committed to maintaining our quality for all our projects and ensure that you get the timely delivery of your project.