Commercial Construction Contractors and Companies: Five Things You Should Look Out For

One of the most challenging aspects in the construction process, especially when you have taken up a commercial construction project is selecting the best contractor. Choosing a general contractor is not an easy task. Investing thousands of dollars on a commercial construction contractor and then realizing that you haven’t chosen the best one for your project is the worst possible experience.

Fortunately, there are a set of criteria that will help you assess your options, and make an informed, calculated, and strategic decision as to who will manage construction of your building. Here are five things that you should look for before handing over the project to a commercial construction company.

  • Ask for references: Ask contractor for references. If the contractor is unwilling to share with you the list of references, it is the indication of huge red flag. If the contractor provides you with the list of references, never fail to ask questions: Were they consistently on time? Are they well-organised? Were they transparent in their operations? Were they friendly and likeable?
  • Licensing: Ensure to look for a licensed commercial contractor because as per local jurisdiction or in most states, a contractor must hold licences and substantial insurance to carry out construction activities. Therefore, make sure that the contractor you choose to hire have the qualified license. Additionally, request insurance verification directly from the insurance company. As coverage between the contractors vary tremendously, compare these coverage before deciding on one.
  • Look out for the previous projects: The reputed contractors will always have a website or portfolio available that depicts their both completed and ongoing projects. After taking a look at the recently completed projects, check for publicly visible testimonial. If there is no testimonial or if the contractor is not ready to provide a verifiable testimonial from a satisfied client, something may be amiss.
  • Speciality contractors: A construction Project management team must always comprise an engineer, design consultant, an area superintendent, a professional estimator, a site manager, project document controller and an office administrator. Before assessing general contracting candidates and hiring them to start working on your project, get a comprehensive breakdown on the role performed by every player.
  • Communication: An excellent communication between the contractor and the client is very important to complete a project successfully. Finding a contractor who is willing to work in your style of communication is vital because you can discuss whether you want a weekly, monthly or a daily update on the completion of project though e-mails, telephonic conversation or in-person.

As mentioned earlier, hiring a contractor is not a cake walk. Provide plenty of time for every step of the build process. Contact several contractors and find one you feel would fulfill your individual project needs.