Clients & Projects

Clients & Projects

Some of our key projects include:

Property:  Dublin, PA 

Client: A.F. Alber 

In 2009 we purchased property in Dublin, PA for the construction of our office.

Originally a horseradish company, the property consisted of a two-story house

and processing area…

Property:  California, MD

Client: Five Below

While this project went out for two different bids, our relationship with

Five Below gained us the ability to bid on both parts of the project…

Property:  Buffalo, NY

Client: Urban Edge (landlord) & Five Below

Building on our experience with other projects, we dual bid on this project,

saving money, time, and effort for both the landlord and Five Below…

Property:  VA and NJ

Client: Honeygrow

Building on the trusted relationship we established with the Project Manager

over the course of previous collaborations, we were chosen for this project

which involved a complete buildout of the restaurant to specs.

Property:  Yonkers, NY

Client: DSW

This project presented a special challenge in that the store needed to be

completely remodeled—all while remaining open for shopping!

Property:  Langhorne, PA

Client: DSW

We were called in to resolve an issue resulting from poor construction by

a previous contractor who had installed the storefront glazing system incorrectly…

Client: Go Puff

Project: Consulting

We provided consulting services for Go Puff. Bringing our expertise

in value engineering to this project…

Client: Mystery Room

Project: Consulting & Construction for Multiple Locations

We provided consulting services for Mystery Room, starting with the process

of selecting spaces for multiple locations.