Benefits of modular design in commercial construction

In the recent times, modular buildings are becoming the popular construction choice. More and more people are looking to build modular as they are cost-effective, flexible and aids in efficient construction. As modular components are pre-fabricated, this allows buildings to be easily expanded, relocated and reduced to adapt to changing business environment. Reduced material waste due to a pre-engineered aspect of modular systems and quicker installation timeframe are other major advantages. Besides, there are several other advantages to utilizing modular construction methods over traditional construction within the industrial commercial setting.

Here are some of the benefits of modular construction:

  • Affordable: When compared to traditional commercial buildings, adopting a modular design in commercial construction is far more affordable. This is because a major portion of the construction is completed inside the factory and under controlled climate which results in fewer interruptions. This means reduced labor and material cost savings. Constructing a commercial building onsite may be interrupted by various factors like delay in the shipment of supplies or poor weather conditions. Further, modular buildings also offer great financial options – lease the portable building, lease-to-own plan, purchase it outright or select guaranteed buy-back option. Additionally, modular design and building techniques meet all the needs of a wide array of industries to deliver state-of-the-art, cost-effective services in a timely manner.
  • Portability: One of the added benefits of modular design is flexibility and the ability to relocate. Though commercial buildings in modular design are built to be permanent structures, some designs can be disassembled, so you can pick up and leave anytime you desire. Their secure, durable and relocatable characteristics make them ideal for both permanent and temporary applications, helping the building owners to meet the requirement of any industry.
  • Environmental: Majority of the commercial buildings in modular designs are eco-friendly and efficient as the builder uses high-quality insulation and windows. In fact, less construction material is wasted when constructing a commercial building with modular design and the waste material is used instead of being discarded. Therefore, modular building process uses less energy than traditional construction. In fact, the unused materials are stored in controlled environments and are recycled for use in other projects. This has fastened the construction efficiency making modular design a new industry standard.
  • Faster: As modular buildings are prefabricated, they take far less time to complete. Lesser the time taken to build a home lesser the expensive it will be. Additionally, the portions of the buildings are built on an assembly line with little or no interruption. Similarly, all building materials are stored in the controlled environment further helping in reducing the imperfections like lumber warp. This further leads to better-built structures and superior quality standards.
  • Cost savings: The efficiencies of these systems translate into cost savings for your organization. As the installation process is quicker and more efficient, they can be installed over a matter of days, or built-out in a phased approach which shortens the on-site labor requirements. Though the wall system may initially be quite expensive than traditional commercial wall construction, its ability to relocate and adapt the system definitely saves money over the term of the lease and beyond.
  • Variety: Modular buildings offer plenty of designs to choose from – both traditional and modern. Architects are able to provide some of the most unique and stunning concepts to their customers. Furthermore, unlike mobile manufactured commercial buildings, these custom prefabricated buildings can fit into any location perfectly.

Now that you know the benefits of modular design in commercial construction, contact the nearest modular building construction contractor right away. If you are considering constructing a new retail store or remodel the existing one and looking for ideas, get in touch with A. F. Alber today. We specialize in all aspects of retail store remodeling and construction. And, we would be happy to help you.