8 Easy Ways to Improve Construction Efficiency on Your Project

In the current construction industry, time is money. Therefore, the contractors are hard pressed to find innovative ways to gain a competitive advantage and improve slim profit margins. Generally, construction labor, material costs, equipment, and machinery are fairly standardized, irrespective of geographical area, for those companies operating within the same area.

Improving the productivity is easy to pose as a strategic objective, but it’s not easy to achieve given the complexity of the construction process. We will provide you with 8 easy ways to improve your construction efficiency on your project.

  1. Planning is everything: Poor or insufficient planning is one of the biggest causes of delays in the construction projects, especially in terms of materials and staffing. Hence, planning is considered as one of the crucial parts of any construction project. Better planning helps in successfully orchestrating the processes, information, people, equipment, and materials. Needless to say, avoiding any kind of delays or shortages with respect to delivery of materials and number of personnel is possible only with the right planning. Though ‘planning better’ sounds pretty simple, it needs a right approach to arrive at genuine and measurable improvements. To execute a better planning, companies must develop metrics that help in determining the accuracy of their current planning process, further assisting in identifying the realistic goals for planning improvement in the areas that require it the most.
  2. Listen to your staff’s problems: Onsite staffs offer the best insight on how processes can be more efficient. If something is wrong or could be doing better, they will know it before you do. Experienced staff from other companies can certainly influence best practice with a wealth of knowledge that they possess. Getting them involved in the early stages of planning process not only helps in avoiding potential problems but also aids you in spotting holes in your plan even before you get started.
  3. Training: An important key to improving productivity is to train the crew, especially construction supervisor whose knowledge can make or break a project. Additionally, the performance in an activity or with a given piece of equipment will naturally increase the output of the crew members if they are well-trained. Laying emphasis on improving the speed and effectiveness of certain processes through training will certainly enhance the overall efficiency of the project.
  4. Embrace New Technology: New construction technology and equipment exist to make jobs easier and more efficient, so embrace it. Adopting newest technology provides innovative solutions for every construction site problem. Good construction management software can keep you free from the paperwork on your desk. Billing and invoicing, bid management, document management, incident reporting, job scheduling, timesheet, and much more can be handled by construction management software.
  5. Hold your crew accountable: One of the great motivation tools for your workers is performance measurement. Setting clear performance measurements along with financial rewards motivates your workers to achieve the target. Some of the performance metrics that you can set include being on time at the job site, taking initiative to solve problems, completing work on time, helpfulness towards colleagues and customers, and the overall quality of work.
  6. Improvement in communication: Making yourself available to your crew is very important as it helps you in communicating your expectations for next week or month and convey the messages of company’s accomplishments so far.
  7. Consider temporary on-site storage: Keeping equipment and supplies handy, and storing of waste created on the construction can be an issue. Efficient storage prevents your site from becoming a disorganized mess. Today, everything from mobile office trailers, storage container rentals to portable sanitation, the latest construction technology can get your site ready for operation.
  8. Use Building Information Modelling (BIM): BIM is nothing but creating a digital representation of buildings even before starting the actual construction. This will help in the visualizing buildings before you start investing money in the construction and commit a schedule that may end up proving unrealistic.

Implement these tips in your construction site right away and increase your construction efficiency. Stay logged into A F Alber to keep yourselves updated about the current news in the construction industry. We take utmost pleasure in updating you with latest information.